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Re: [IP] Re: 30-40 min after insulin

As I said, I can't see any real gain.  When I bolussed insulin 15 m. early 
and I set the electronic timer on my stove and when I bolussed at the same 
time the food was put in front of my husband, there was a difference in the 
continuous glucose monitoring system's graph, BUT the difference was not 

If the bg were low to begin with, say 4.2 or something, I wouldn't dare 
bolus 15 minutes early.  At the present time, I cannot see that bolussing 
early is a help at all.  You don't go that high (at least not if you are 
eating the proper foods according to the glycemic index)!

On the other hand, if you were eating that birthday cake in the mini-med ad, 
maybe, you'd need all the help you could get and the 15 m. wait would help!

My husband has been on needles and insulin for 25 years.  He never did eat a 
lot of sweets and desserts.  His mother knew there was type 1 in the family. 
  I guess if you were to drink a sugared soft drink, the 15 m. might help.

Maybe, we should go on the continuous glucose monitoring device again and 
see how bad we can be--break every rule in the book!  The graphs might be 
reallyl interesting! <chuckle>

My thought when I read "Pumping Insulin" was that the author had been on a 
pump with regular and had just gotten used to that 15 m. wait.

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> > In response to insulin 15 minutes before eating, please verify the
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> > working within 5 minutes.>
>Also, which edition of Pumping Insulin do you have? The 3rd edition deals
>with Humalog. When we used Regular/Velosulin it was required to bolus 15-20
>min. before eating. That changed with Humalog/Novolog. But, YMMV
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