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[IP] Advice on BD Logic E-3 errors

 I called BD the other day after experiencing about 20 E-3 errors this week (six
in a row one time I tried to test). When I first got the meter, I found that I
had to use a larger blood drop than they stated in order to avoid E-3's. Then
this week it didn't matter what size drop I used and how I put it on, I was
getting tons of E-3's. First thing BD said was that they'd replace the wasted
strips, so they're sending me two new bottles of strips at no charge. So
everyone who's had a problem should call them for that reason alone. They also
told me that an E-3 error is an application error and they admitted that the
meter is rather finicky about how you apply the blood. They maintained that
there is no flaw in the meter, it's all in the application. I knew that the
strip draws the blood up from the side rather than placing the drop on top, so
that wasn't my problem. However, what I was doing wrong was moving my finger
with the blood on it toward the meter rather than moving the !
 meter to
  my finger. Also, he said you're more likely to get errors if you use too large
a drop of blood and saturate the strip. You're supposed to leave your hand
stationary on a flat surface like a table, and carefully move the meter to your
finger and just lightly touch the edge of the strip to the waiting finger (if
you move your finger toward the strip you're likely to get too much blood on the
strip according to BD). He also had me set my lancing device to a shallower
penetration level to get a smaller drop of blood. Lo and behold, it actually
works. Now I am using a really small drop like they advertise and I haven't had
an E-3 message in two days. So before anyone gives up on the BD Logic try the
above tips. They also said that the first time you get an E-3 with a new bottle
of strips to run a control test to make sure it's not a bad batch of strips.
After that, if you get two E-3's in a row, he said to call BD for trouble
shooting. He said that they want people to be happy !
  their product, so to always call for advice, and they'll always replace your
wasted strips. Pam
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