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[IP] Got my new pump yeah!

Congratulations Mark! My daughter, Tiffany (age 20), just started on the 712
last weekend and so far we are thrilled with it. We really lucked out....Tiff
was just diagnosed in August and this is her first pump.  We had already
received the 512 and were waiting to get her started when I mentioned to the
company who supplied the pump (Medical Express Depot) that I was concerned
that 10 infusion sets a month weren't going to cut it because of her fairly
high insulin dosage.  The next day they called me and said that a new pump was
coming out the next week and that if I returned the 512 they would send me the
712.  What I really love is that she can use the 300 ml OR the 176 ml
reservoirs.  If her insulin needs decrease we can go with the smaller
reservoirs in the future.

My first question was "is the pump itself bigger" and it occurs to me that
some of you may be wondering too.  The two pumps are identical in every way
except for anapproximately 1/2" extension where the reservoir is inserted that
sticks out a bit from the pump.  The rest of the body is the same size as the
512.  The only other difference I noticed was the instructions say that if you
insert a battery that is not new you will get a warning screen saying that the
battery may not last as long.  I seem to recall that the 512 wouldn't accept
any battery that wasn't brand spanking new....so I THINK this may be a change.

Probably useless information that nobody wants...but I'm offering it just the
same! <grin>  I've gotten so much help "lurking" here that I just felt a need
to contribute something...anything! <bigger grin>

Pattie--Mother to Tiffany, Type 1 since 08/2003
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