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RE: [IP] Highly Resistant Insulin Users

There is another choice that is out there of insulin to speak with your
endo about. I used Humalin R in my pump that is U500. This means for
every unit you are receiving 5 units. For example my normal basal rate
in my pump reads that I get 31 units of insulin but because of the
concentration of the U500 I actually use 85 units.

Because it's a little slower acting I need to keep that in mind with
changing basal rates, and I mainly use my pump for coverage and bolus a
half hour before I eat but I carry Humalog pen with me for the times I
forget or a surprise ice cream cone walks by.

Until one or all of the companies come up with a more concentrated rapid
acting insulin this is an option.

Some doctors think that it is only available in hospitals but that is
not true Eli Lilly will direct ship the insulin to any Pharmacy. Stick
to your guns.

Gail Donohue 

 From Bob:
I have been on the pump for just a year, starting on the Animas and now
the Cozmo. I started with Humalog and was up to a total of 440 units per
 (that's right). I got my endo to change me from Humalog to Novalog last
my usage has dropped to 285 units per day.  
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