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[IP] Re: God didn't want us to eat Carbs

>>George <email @ redacted> Let's see, how does that go???   "If 
>>God didn't want us to eat Carbs
(animals) he wouldn't have made them taste so good!!!"      ;>)<<

Animals aren't carbs.  They are protein.  And perfectly acceptable in 
a low-carb eating lifestyle.

The great tasting carbs (cakes, pies, processed breads, pasta, etc.) 
weren't made by God.  Humans took whole grains and found a way to 
make them bad for us by refining them and then adding sugar, fats, 
and additives.  If we stuck to eating the "God created carbs" like 
vegetables and fruits and adding in the animal protein, we would be a 
lot healthier.  I'm personally a chocolate addict, especially ice 
cream with chocolate or a good old Hershey's chocolate bar.  I wish 
all derivatives of the cocoa bean had never been created/invented!  : 

Cindy, mom to 17 y/o Noah, dx age 9, pumping since 6/99
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