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[IP] GREAT holder for women pumpers!!!

Hi everyone, 
 My hairdresser did my hair for a wedding and saw how it was somewhat of a
struggle dealing with the pump in my dress (though totally hidable with a garter
and pump holder). So she mentioned to me this garter with a pouch that she
though might be useful (made by Benefit- a makeup company). Anyway, what a find!
It's SO cute and sexy, smells nice, fits SO much better against my leg than
anything else I've found (including things made specifically for pumps), and
fits my Minimed pump with some room left over (I think it would fit most pumps,
though Animas and Disetronic may be close). It has adjustable sizes much like
how a bra snaps (with 3 different places to snap on to) and is $28 I think (way
worth it). If you're interested, you can find it at any Benefit store or go to
www.benefitcosmetics.com and type in "Chickster" into the Benefit search engine.
Chickster is the product name. I hope this helps some women out there, and just
FYI I don't have any alterior motives in promot!
  Benefit (I don't work for them, own stock, etc.), I just wanted to share a
good find with fellow pumpers.

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