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Re: [IP] My Reply

>The only thing I said was that people should think about the wording
>they use for topics. Pump wars serve no purpose other than hurting
>feelings, especially from those who speak about something they know
>nothing about. I personally use a Minimed pump. I think it is great!!

Yes, people should think about the wording that they use for Topics. 
It helps others to keep track of threads and it helps to know what 
posts we want to delete.   But your history needs to be updated. 
There was a "truce callled in the War" when Animas arrived on January 
20, 2000.  The war has been over for years.  There is no need to even 
refer to it anymore.  It was quite ugly while it was happening and as 
far as I'm concerned all hostilities are called off.   I personally 
use an Animas IR-1000.   I used a Disetronic H-tron V100 plus for 
four years.  I've worn a 507, I've worn a 511, I've worn a Dana.  I 
DO KNOW what I am talking about.

>. Yes, I have defended Minimed on this website because it
>seems to be popular sport to bash Minimed. A lot of people enjoy bashing
>the big guy even though the big guy has brought a much better way of
>life for all of us!  I don't see this as much with the other companies.

This List is not for "sport"   It is for information.  If you do not 
wish to read the information that I have given to you, it is your 
right and responsibility to delete the message and ignore it.  To 
infer that I was "bashing Minimed", and then for you to say " I don't 
see this as much with the other companies" is a totally incongruous 
statement.  I do not normally post Replies to such an attack, but you 
have tried to besmirch my reputation so I am defending myself 
publicly with this one post to the List.  From here on out, let's you 
and I fight off list because you have issued a "slap in the face" 
challenge to my dignity.

>Maybe MM is worse than the other companies, I don't know. All I do know
>is that Minimed has a dominant proportion of the market, so their
>problems will be magnified more than other companies. I have no problem
>with saying you like your pump for what ever reason. I don't have a
>problem with you bashing your own pump company when things don't go
>right. But don't bash other pumps just because you don't use that pump
>and you want to make your pump look better. I would never bash another
>pump if I never used their product. Once again, I appreciate this
>website and I continue to support this website. God Bless!

So, where and when did I "bash Minimed".  In what sentence of my 
original post did I mention the name of ANY other company other than 
Animas?   Your statements of "market dominance" do not carry anything 
with the argument that YOU STARTED.   If you REALLY appreciate this 
website, Send MONEY, SHUT UP and Fight me OFF LIST.

George Lovelace
(not standing behind anything except MY honor)
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