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RE: [IP] The Other Side of the Story


When I was first diagnosed I was in a new relationship--1 year.  I recall at
that time my soon to be sister-in-law trying to persuade my partner to end
the relationship because I was "chronically ill" and would not live a long
life.  Well I am happy to report that my partner & I are still together 15
years later.  My sister-in-law, by the way.... is a bitter, single 37 year
old woman.  People have so many misconception about what diabetes is.
EDUCATION & advocacy is the key.   More and more people are living with
diabetes--and living health, fulfilling LONG lives.  I'm sure your son will
run into people in his life who do not understand diabetes (or other medical
conditions for that matter).  But I do believe there will be fewer and fewer
of these people to deal with.  
All the best.

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Shelley pondered: Is a woman going to hesitate a relationship with my son
> because he has "health issues"? He deserves to be involved in a 
> healthy loving relationship regardless of his health "issues". Is this 
> what my son has to look forward to?
> I HATE diabetes.

Shelley - I have to tell you, I *never* thought about relationships or
dating or marriage or any of that - I went out and lived a life.  Along the
way, dh-to-be came along, and he learned I had diabetes and, only did I find
out *much* later, he researched about it all he could to find out the "worst
scenario" type of thing and whether he realistically thought he could deal
with it.  He decided he could.  And love being love, here we are almost 20
years married thru all the ups and downs, bad moods, trips to the ER,
massive medical bills, etc.

It's sort of like my parents adopting me as a "healthy white infant" only to
have me dx with diabetes at 8, and a host of other issues at 12.  Life is
life, y'know, and throws curves - and God gives grace to handle what we and
our loved ones are dealt.  I agree with whomever posted that children "read"
our emotions, and any hostility you feel re diabetes will be picked up.
Rather, encourage your son to live life, and pursue his dreams, and he'll
handle the relationship part just fine.

(in SW NH, btw)
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