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Re: [IP] 30-40 min after insulin

Remember that Novolog/Humalog have Onset and Duration just like all 
other varieties of Insulin.  So the number one rule for when to take 
your meal Bolus is YMMV.  For some people these work so fast that 
they can take then right when they eat, and stay on target.  For me, 
the Novolog/Humalog has at least a 20 minute onset and almost a five 
hour duration, so I almost always try to Bolus 30 minutes before a 
meal.  Even then, if I eat more than about 80 grams of carbs, I am 
usually at almost 200 mg/dl about 2 hours after eating.  But then 
five hours after, I am right back on target.    But as you mentioned, 
we also live in the real world.  And I don't always know exactly how 
much I am going to eat, or when.  So what I usually do is Bolus for 
the minimum amount I think I will eat, about 30 mins before I think I 
will eat.  That way, I can always add more if I need to.  If I end up 
eating later than I thought I would, it is not usually a problem, 
because only a small portion of the insulin is working.   If I do 
start getting low I can always grab a sugared soda or something. If I 
eat less than I thought I would, I have five hours to add some carbs.

Bottom line, you have to work with it, and figure out what gives you 
the best control.

Good Luck


>Date: Thu, 13 Nov 2003 20:39:54 +0000
>From: "Dianna Inkster" <email @ redacted>
>Subject: Re: [IP] 30-40 min after insulin
>"Pumping insulin" says 15 m. before you eat, doesn't it?  I just finished a
>continuous glucose monitoring devide 3-day session.  Most of the time, we
>took the insulin 15 min before eating, a couple of times we didn't.  My
>husband's blood sugars go up when the insulin is delivered just as he starts
>to eat, but they don't go out of range and they come right back down again.
>I found that I could bolus 15 m. before he ate, because we had so much
>recording to do that the time was quickly used up!  In the normal run of
>things?  I don't think so!  Also, my kids are not living at home!  That
>means I get to devote the time I used to have for them to my husband and his
>diabetes.  I think I would find all this measuring and calculating and
>testing a major difficulty, if the kids were still here.
>>From: "Holly" <email @ redacted>
>>Reply-To: email @ redacted
>>To: <email @ redacted>
>>Subject: [IP] 30-40 min after insulin
>  >Date: Wed, 12 Nov 2003 19:21:37 -0500
>  >I was wondering if everyone takes their insulin right as they eat, or
>>before...It seems that if i take insulin when i eat, 2 hours later, high
>>but my endo told me to try taking insulin 30-45 min BEFORE i eat, so 2
>>after meal, numbers should be better.. This seems to work, but it isn't
>>easy.. Dining out means never knowing how long till the meal comes, and
>>the portion size will look like.. I can do it at home, but even then it is
>>hard... You have to pre-plan EVERYTHING... ok, this morning i will have 2
>>waffles, 30 carbs...bolus for that, go take a shower, dry hair, get
>  >dressed,
>>ok, 30 min have passed, now i can eat!  (hoping an emergancy doesn't come
>>and i can't eat at that moment) Just wondering if others do this
>for any thoughts!

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