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Re: [IP] capping off a sillouette infusion set

In a message dated 11/13/2003 11:41:51 AM Alaskan Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes: 
> You know the little plastic cap that fits into the sillouette infusion sets 
> on
> you body  when you disconnect from your pump?  Are they for cosmetic 
> purposes,
> to keep from catching on stuff, etc., or does it serve a real purpose? 
Duel purpose Yessi. Yes, it will help keep the catheter (body) part of the 
infusion set clean and help prevent snags, but this is a YMMV issue. It is not 
waterproof and not meant to be. You do not have to use it, and I never do when 
showering. But, if you decide to inject into the port with a syringe, you 
 should attach the cap as if you look at the directions in the box, and if you
at the cap, it has a tiny hole in it, just for that purpose. It will prevent 
you from inserting the needle to far into the port. That is really the only 
times I have used the cat. 
As for the cap for the tubing end, I always use it, the help keep the little 
needle part from becoming contaminated, as it goes though the silicone and 
into the tubing when you reattach it. I mostly use it for my piece of mind, 
because generally I only disconnect to shower. Hope this helps some. Tina H
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