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RE: [IP] capping off a sillouette infusion set

I have been using the Silhouettes for years and have rarely used the
cap.  I believe that I was once told that it's not necessary but is
provided with every set as a matter of course, and perhaps because FDA
approved it that way.  As for showering or bathing, I don't cap it off
because I don't think that water can enter the infusion set without
being pumped in (with a force behind it).  I also believe that most tap
water that is bathed with is clean enough that it's not going to
contaminate the site.  I don't feel that the cap is watertight, so if I
get the set wet with water that I feel could be contaminated, such as
ocean water or that from a public hot spa, I change the set to be safe.
This is indeed an interesting question that I had to wonder about when I
first saw the caps included in the sets.  Surely I thought they had to
have a purpose.  But my conclusion was that they don't so now I just
toss them away with all the other extra stuff that comes attached to
them, including the cap that comes on the reservoir connect side of the
set, and the little tape that holds the tubing in its looped position.
To me it's all just unnecessary packaging, as is the case with the
cotton that comes inside many pill bottles.  Medical industry excess,
probably mandated by law of some sort.

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You know the little plastic cap that fits into the sillouette infusion
sets on
you body  when you disconnect from your pump?  Are they for cosmetic
to keep from catching on stuff, etc., or does it serve a real purpose?
always dutifully plug in my little cap when I shower or bathe, but it's
hassle.  Is there any harm in leaving it off?  As far as I can see, the
cap is
not waterproof anyway.  I don't think it effectively plugs the set.
bath water enter the catheter without it?

Thanks for the help.  I know only an IPer can understand the strange
details we deal with!  :)

Yessi Palmer
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