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[IP] Re: Refractive exams and Bgs

    How are you people reconciling the vision changes that come with bg 
changes and eye exams?
    I know that 6 to 8weeks are often mentioned ( I can't find a source for
this) for a desired period of stable bgs before an eye exam for glasses. But
as many know vision can change from hour to hour with bg changes. It seems
to me that the vision would change any time the bg change. I can't find out
from the archives, the web or optometrists about the lag between bgs and eye
    In the last 4 months I have had 4 refractive exams from 4 different
optometrists and the results are all different even though I have always
been between 70 and 140 for the exam and at least 2 hours before. The first
three visits started with"... well, how have your sugars been?"--very
scientific. " Pretty good ", satisfied them.
    The last exam was very different: it was actually 3 measurements spread
over several days. This optometrist used the average for the prescription.
He also usually wants a bg reading right before the test- that needs to be
in your target range.
    When I went back to the first 3 offices they all said "...well, you know
your eyes change with diabetes" ( read excuse). This could be an easy out
for sloppy measurements.
    I  don't trust the local ophthalmologist so the local optometrists are
my only choice.
    What are you doing to handle this changing bg and refractive measurement
conflict? I had to try 4 before I found one that had a halfway reasonable
answer. Looks like a large crack to me.                   Peter
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