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Re: [IP] Re: lost eye site

I found your letter about insurance interesting!  My husband suffered 
hearing loss,the loss of both hands, and the use of one eye in an accident.  
He'd just bought an insurance policy and the co. waived his premiums for 
about a year until he started working again.  When he was back on his feet, 
he started paying premiums again.

Years later, the policy was almost paid up!  He was taking a course because 
he was in the insurance biz.  He came across a section that said that if you 
lost a limb, you didn't have to pay premiums.  He wrote the company.  
Someone answered him that that section was obsolete and he had to pay. 

He is now totally disabled. (LOL!) Add hypoglycemia unawareness, brittle 
diabetes if not on pump, brain injury, lack of ability to smell and taste to 
the list. Another policy he had, a larger one, had waiver of premium, if he 
was totally disabled. The company sent us a form that would have taken a 
year to fill out. They finally accepted a xerox of the documentation we sent 
to Canada Pension, plus a short letter from his doctor!

After two or three years, the company will decide again if he is totally 

Canadian insurance companies really play hardball!

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>In a message dated 11/12/03 12:05:32 AM Eastern Standard Time,
>email @ redacted writes:
> > That is terrible. The same thing happened to my brother except he hit a
> > woman
> > head on (she is fine) and he wound up being flown to the hospital on 
> > 14,
> > 2003. He broke his pelvis and lost sight in his left eye
>I, too, lost the sight in my left eye about 10 years ago due to a freak
>  accident. It's like losing a limb and it is very difficult to adjust. If 
>like some thoughts and hints, please feel free to e-mail me off list.  
>  losing sight in an eye equals loss of limb to the life insurance 
>companies and
>can collect 1/2 his policy without it changing what his beneficiary gets 
>he dies.  Just an interesting FYI.
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