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[IP] thyroid

Mark Asked:
>Also, are there any hormones that actually increase the efficiency of
>insulin and could explain not >needing insulin for 5 hours? Hunh? If you are
a real type 1 diabetic  and have not had insulin for 3 hours it is likely your
liver will be hard at work dumping glucose from stored glycogen. to get you an
available energy source. Never mind that you bod has no insulin, there is no
regulatory mechanism in the body that says now wait a minute how am I to
convert this glucose to ATP, I am insulinopenic
so the glucose just keeps going up and up. Thyroid hormone does make insulin
function more efficiently. Many hypothyroid patients may have glucose
intolerance. But it wont replace insulin. It greases the mechanism that slides
insulin into the cell but it cant open the door, only insulin can do that.
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