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[IP] RE My Reply to My Reply

>I have no problem
>with saying you like your pump for what ever reason. I don't have a
>problem with you bashing your own pump company when things don't go
>right. But don't bash other pumps just because you don't use that pump
>and you want to make your pump look better.

i hope you dont mind, that i was not all that worried....

but, you see, as i understand it, we ARE allowed to. i understand that YOU 
dont like it, but, it is not against the rules.

>I said was that people should think about the wording they use for topics.

But I take that as: "Say it way YOU WOULD have said it"

 >> "But dont bash....."

why not? as long as it is not slanderous, or gross misinformation,
i Think its permitted (i will certainly accept correction on this).
"Bashing" Can be quite subjective. were i to say "my (this) pump is great",
or "i like this feature",  there are those, why might take that as "bashing 
their choice"

and What if i DID try company A, and got bad service... and bought a 
company B pump... NOW, by your "rules", i cant mention my experience with 
company A, because i dont own their pump? what about the brand someone i 
know, might have, what if its my third pump, from a third manufacturer ?

Ill not argue with you about it, but i'll post What i Want,
and not concern myself with more then the rules, respect, and what is 
deemed proper rapport (well, im tryin' anyway)

i dont get it? why do i need, to "make my pump look better" ?

ALSO, though your feelings, are YOUR feelings, i think I'd prefer:
"I" dont think....etc....etc, or "IMO".....

And the "censorship" ??

>The next message I see with a subject of "Best Pump
>Ever" is getting automatically erased!

i was only referring to that..

"The best pump ever", is the one, most of us, are no longer able to use.
(and, my pump IS better (not the best), or id be waring the one you chose)

(i do hope, i came off, as gentle, as was my intention)
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