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Re: [IP] Insulin bad for the body?

In a message dated 11/13/03 12:27:12 PM US Eastern Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> And many of us had to *ask* our docs to put us on
> insulin.Jan and ElvisToo
> AMEN, to that, Jan...my PCP balked at my going on insulin even tho I gave 
> him
> good solid reasons. I was on FOUR orals, my bg's were STILL climbing above 
> MY
> acceptable level. I have gastroparesis and IBS and I used that as part of my
> argument. My PCP's comment was *but you'll be on insulin for life*. My 
> response
> was *But I'm already on orals for life*. He finally relented enough to send 
> me
> to my endo. 

My A1C was 17.4 and my PCP was still trying out this oral and that oral. I 
didn't need orals: I needed insulin. They really don't treat type 2s like they 
treat type 1s, people. :-\

Jan and ElvisToo
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