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Re: [IP] Insulin bad for the body?

 --- On Thu 11/13, < email @ redacted > wrote:

 From: [mailto: email @ redacted]To: email @ redacted: Thu, 13 Nov
2003 11:28:21 ESTSubject: Re: [IP] Insulin bad for the body?In a message dated
11/13/03 12:49:24 AM US Eastern Standard Time, email @ redacted
writes:> The reason Type 2's aren't on insulin, is that they majority won't
go there> unless they are feel forced too ... that's what most of the
research studies> day ...> think about it, injections or pump are the only
options at the moment> And many of us had to *ask* our docs to put us on
insulin.Jan and ElvisToo
 AMEN, to that, Jan...my PCP balked at my going on insulin even tho I gave him
good solid reasons. I was on FOUR orals, my bg's were STILL climbing above MY
acceptable level. I have gastroparesis and IBS and I used that as part of my
argument. My PCP's comment was *but you'll be on insulin for life*. My response
was *But I'm already on orals for life*. He finally relented enough to send me
to my endo. I went to my endo prepared for the same argument. However, we both
said the same thing the minute he opened my folder, that I needed to be on
insulin. Oh, and my A1c at the time was 7.4. Within a year, I was down to the
5.7. And I had lost almost 35 lbs by then. I'm down 45 now. I don't feed my
insulin with carbs, I feed my carbs with insulin. Liz

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