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I stick by everything I said in my earlier post. The only thing I
apologize for is lumping everyone into this one group. I never said
anything about censorship, though. I have no idea where that came from.
The only thing I said was that people should think about the wording
they use for topics. Pump wars serve no purpose other than hurting
feelings, especially from those who speak about something they know
nothing about. I personally use a Minimed pump. I think it is great!!
When I get a new pump, I may go with Animas, Cozmo, or Diestronic, or
Minimed,or any new company that may come out. I will choose the best
pump for me. Yes, I have defended Minimed on this website because it
seems to be popular sport to bash Minimed. A lot of people enjoy bashing
the big guy even though the big guy has brought a much better way of
life for all of us!  I don't see this as much with the other companies.
Maybe MM is worse than the other companies, I don't know. All I do know
is that Minimed has a dominant proportion of the market, so their
problems will be magnified more than other companies. I have no problem
with saying you like your pump for what ever reason. I don't have a
problem with you bashing your own pump company when things don't go
right. But don't bash other pumps just because you don't use that pump
and you want to make your pump look better. I would never bash another
pump if I never used their product. Once again, I appreciate this
website and I continue to support this website. God Bless!
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