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Re: [IP] Re: target bg levels


>I have never really tried to get a A1C below 7.0.
>I knew a young man that micro-managed his diabetes with the goal of having
>his A1C in the 5.0 range. He let it rule his life!  He really feared all the
>'problems ' that could develope.
>I don't know if he ever managed to obtain the 5.0, he ran his car underneath
>a 18 wheeler , age 32

i have no problem, at all, with your feelings, and your post
HOWEVER, id like to state a Different side: (well, My Side)

ive been at this, a good long time.....
not until quite recently, have i actually been able (had the blessing), of 
being able to be
proactive towards it...
i know i test a little too much... i know im a maniac about it (really 
belive me.... i am)
BUT, i must say, im Not obsessed (well, i dont think i am, so im not), but 
it is, for ME,
truly a "labor of love".... maybe in a few years, ill change. I even 
correct a little, if im 140.... and i am real careful... i dont "change 
quickly", from high to low. (sort of "non brittle"). I have strived, and 
an a1c, below 6.0.... just to see if i could....
even being "sad and bitter", i Am still capable of joy, and it was (is).

on this, YMshouldV, but i truly enjoy it..... i Can say "yes, i take care 
of myself, as well as can be done"

BTW, just like everyone else on the insulin pump, i use the "second best 
pump ever"

from: "sad and bitter" len
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