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Re: [IP] The Other Side of the Story

Shirley said " my son is 3.  Is a woman going to hesitate about a
relationship with him because he has health issues"

Hi Shirley,
Just a few thoughts about the comments made by your co-worker.
I think as a parent it's understandable that this man wished his daughter
had not been hurt by the early death of her husband.  We all wish we could
protect those we love from being hurt (no matter what the issue).  In any
case his daughter did marry this fellow despite his Diabetes / health
problems.  So it seems despite Dad's concerns this man did have a loving
marriage / relationship.

None of us know what life has "in store" for us.  You can marry someone
healthy who develops cancer; becomes an alcoholic; dies in a plane crash
etc.  There will be people who will chose to finish a relationship /
friendship because it seems "too hard" (whatever the issue at the time).
But they won't be the people in the long term who love your son or stand by
him when things are tough.  Your son will survive the "fair weather" friends
and eventually find the supportive caring friends / partner he is looking
for.  Your son will live his life the best way he can.

How do I know ?  My mother died at 42, in a car accident.  My brother died
at 22 from complications after a Kidney transplant.  Neither had Diabetes.
I'm still here (at 46) after 34 years with Diabetes (and my Pump) doing the
best I can.  When I first met my husband and told him I had Diabetes, he
told me he also had a "medical condition".  He told me he wore glasses,
because of poor vision and he could cope with my Diabetes if I could cope
with his glasses !!!

Some 22 years (and 2 children) later, despite the ups and downs of life;
Diabetes and stronger reading glasses we are still happy and coping together
"just fine".

Warm Regards,
T1 34 years
HTRON Oct 2001, Animas June 2002 .....
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