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How many of you haven't deleted this message???   If you haven't, 
then please give a little consideration to what is made available to 
you with www.Insulin-Pumpers.org.   Since 1997 this website and news 
lists have operated to provide as many people as possible with the 
fact that an insulin pump can be used to make life not only easier 
but also with such an improvement in quality that it is truly like a 

How did this website come about?   What is it's purpose?   Who is 
providing this to you?  How will it go on and continue to teach those 
who haven't learned yet what a pumping life is about?

This was originally a small group of a dozen or so individuals who 
were interested in sharing information and tips to improve their 
pumping lives.   The father of a pumper became involved and was so 
moved by the improvement in his daughters life that he singly devoted 
himself to carrying this message to all that he could.

The Purpose?  If your life has been improved in ANY way by what you 
have learned here, then this website and Lists have served that 
purpose.   Who is providing this?   An extensive list of volunteers 
who also have seen such an improvement in their own lives or in the 
life of their child or children that they too have felt the 
compelling to carry this message to others.

How will this go on?   How will this continue?   How will others 
learn of the beauty that pumping can add to a person with diabetes 
(or diabetic for you oldsters like me)?

ONLY BY YOU!!!   Only by you helping to keep this website operating, 
only by you contributing to the health and growth and knowledge that 
is needed by so many!

Please HELP!

for HELP or to subscribe/unsubscribe/change list versions,
contact: HELP@insulin-pumpers.org