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Re: [IP] Insulin bad for the body?

The reason Type 2's aren't on insulin, is that they majority won't go there
unless they are feel forced too ... that's what most of the research studies
day ...
think about it, injections or pump are the only options at the moment
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Sent: Wednesday, November 12, 2003 10:57 PM
Subject: RE: [IP] Insulin bad for the body?

>  Since insulin will cause weight gain and if we eat carbs which turn to
> doesn't it make sense? Esp for the bulk of the diabetics who are type
II's? Even
> the type II's who don't take insulin are usually taking oral meds to make
> insulin in their own body. But that is why a vast majority of doctors are
> extremely hesitant to put type II's on insulin as the first line of action
> instead of last. They figure that it will allow their patients to continue
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