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[IP] Mark--Honeymoon Period or your son is giving insulin on the side?

Hi Mark,
 Your son could be in the honeymoon period. I was for a few years after being
diagnosed-- my pancreas was still producing a bit of insulin. Does your son
fully understand what his insulin pump does? The Animas pump ALWAYS registers
what insulin has been given in its history...
 It could be that your son is hungry and feels guilty about bolusing. Or maybe
he wants to eat a few extra carbohydrate exchanges and feels guilty about it, so
he's secretly delivering insulin to himself by syringe. Many diabetics develop
eating disorders b/c of the strict diet plans type 1s are expected to adhere to.
Maybe your son just wants to be able to eat more w/o having to explain

Mark Chorvinsky <email @ redacted> wrote:
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Does anyone know is there is a way that a 12 year old type 1 could possibly
deliver insulin from an Animas pump without the dose being recorded in the
daily Total Insulin record under History?

My son is going low at school nearly every afternoon and even 70-100 grams
of fast acting carbohydrates are not bringing him up appreciably. He is
also getting no bolus to cover his lunch, which is 50-60 carbs (it used to
be less carbs but we are trying to avoid these afternoon lows). He has
Physical Education after lunch and he generally is getting a 20 carb snack
before PE. To avoid the afternoon (1-3 PM) lows we have even had to turn
off the basals from 9AM to 2 PM! He is getting no lunch dose and the pump
is not delivering insulin from 9AM to 2 PM and he still goes low. Ruling
out a problem with the pump, our endo wonders if our son is somehow dosing
himself insulin during the day. The 100 grams of carbs that he needs to
get to a normal number used to raise his blood sugar level 700 points (1
gram of carbohydates used to raise him 7 blood glucose points).

How can a type 1 diabetic have a pump's basals off for five hours and no
insulin to cover lunch, and still go low and stay low while ingesting so
many carbs? Does anyone have any ideas? This is happening nearly every

Also, are there any hormones that actually increase the efficiency of
insulin and could explain not needing insulin for 5 hours?


Mark Chorvinsky

Father of David
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