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RE: [IP] Insulin bad for the body?

 --- On Wed 11/12, mindy beseler < email @ redacted > wrote:

 From: mindy beseler [mailto: email @ redacted]To:
email @ redacted: Wed, 12 Nov 2003 20:42:41 -0800Subject: [IP] Insulin
bad for the body?I was just talking to someone who's had diabetes his whole life
(40+ years).And he said that insulin is bad for the body. So all diabetes should
be ona no to low carb diets so they don't need to take as much insulin. Hethinks
it's terrible how medical prefessionals tell diabetes - you can eatlike everyone
else just take enough insulin to cover it. This is the firsttime I've ever heard
this theory. Is there any truth to this?TIA,MindyMom to Sean
 Since insulin will cause weight gain and if we eat carbs which turn to sugar,
doesn't it make sense? Esp for the bulk of the diabetics who are type II's? Even
the type II's who don't take insulin are usually taking oral meds to make extra
insulin in their own body. But that is why a vast majority of doctors are
extremely hesitant to put type II's on insulin as the first line of action
instead of last. They figure that it will allow their patients to continue to
eat the way they use to instead of the way they should and just use the insulin
to cover the food. And many diabetics are carb sensitive regardless of type.
Testing with your meter and watching what it does with a particlar carb is the
best way to see how each one affects each of us. Liz

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