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[IP] Re: target bg levels

 --- On Wed 11/12, Pam Brown < email @ redacted > wrote:

 From: Pam Brown [mailto: email @ redacted]To: email @ redacted:
Wed, 12 Nov 2003 17:18:05 -0800 (PST)Subject: [IP] Re: target bg levelsThis
raises an interesting question: I've noticed on this site that a lot of people
keep their A1C's very low - in the 5's or really low 6's. That's great for
avoiding any complications caused by high blood sugars, but is contrary to what
I've been told over the last 14 years by both of my endos (both of whom are tops
in their field - heads of diabetes departments at top university teaching
hospitals, etc.). Both said that having an A1C that low runs too many risks of
hypoglycemic incidents and longterm hypo unawareness, which, as others have
posted, can be more serious than running a bit on the higher side. For
thisreason, they both recommended A1C's about half a point to one point over the
lab's normal range. For instance, my current lab says that an A1C of up to 6.1
is normal, so my endo says that someone with diabetes aiming !
  for tight controlshould run between 6.5 and 7.1. An A1C at this level should
still greatly minimize the risk of complications, but also help avoid serious
lows as well as avoid developing hypoglycemic unawareness. Just curious about
what other people's endos have recommended.
 I've had several endo's, two of which were at teaching hospitals, as
well...well respect. And they've always wanted me to remain as close to 6.0 or
under as possible. I'm currently running 5.7 and my current endo is fine with
that. Their reasoning...I already have complications. I don't need any further
complications that running high blood sugars would bring. And tight control is
the only way for me to avoid that.
 And I have real heartburn with any doctor who tells me that such and such a
number is really good *for a diabetic*. I want numbers that are normal. Not
numbers that are normal *for a diabetic*. Liz

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