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Re: [IP] Help Solve this Urgent Mystery!! Please help!

In a message dated 11/12/03 8:34:20 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> My son is going low at school nearly every afternoon and even 70-100 grams
> of fast acting carbohydrates are not bringing him up appreciably. He is
> also getting no bolus to cover his lunch, which is 50-60 carbs (it used to
> be less carbs but we are trying to avoid these afternoon lows). He has
> Physical Education after lunch and he generally is getting a 20 carb snack
> before PE. To avoid the afternoon (1-3 PM) lows we have even had to turn
> off the basals from 9AM to 2 PM!  He is getting no lunch dose and the pump
> is not delivering insulin from 9AM to 2 PM and he still goes low. Ruling
> out a problem with the pump, our endo wonders if our son is somehow dosing
> himself insulin during the day.  The 100 grams of carbs that he needs to
> get to a normal number used to raise his blood sugar level 700 points (1
> gram of carbohydates used to raise him 7 blood glucose points).

  First, what kind of exercise is he doing in gym class?  I know if my son 
plays basketball for even 20 mins. he goes low.  On the weekends, is he going 
 low or just school days? Could his basal before 9 a.m. be too high? Remember,
basals last 3-5 hours.  Let us know when you figure it out.  Good luck
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