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[IP] Re: target bg levels

don't forget that some people with other conditions may have a higher A1C
set for them :-) for safety/health reasons by thier doctor(s)

maybe an elderly person who lives alone, with heart disease?  (we kow of at
least one such case!!)

isn't it true that a non diabetic's fasting BG level goes up over time?
Seems that I attended an educational mtg years ago, where a endo told us
that we have a slightly higher fasting as we age........anyone know about
this? I am thinking that I heard that there were 10 pts or so between a 20
yr old and the same 50 yr old?

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> The American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists recommends an A1C of
> higher than 6.5 percent. They say nothing about any points above lab
> averages.
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