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Re: [IP] Help Solve this Urgent Mystery!! Please help!

>Does anyone know is there is a way that a 12 year old type 1 could possibly
>deliver insulin from an Animas pump without the dose being recorded in the
>daily Total Insulin record under History?

If you call Animas, ask if there is a way that water could conceivably 
cause a malfunction in the pump?  I don't know if he got it wet, but i 
remember when i got a letter from disetronic saying that users were 
experiencing issues with lows after their pump got wet.  And it was a pump 
marketed as "waterproof"

>My son is going low at school nearly every afternoon and even 70-100 grams
>of fast acting carbohydrates are not bringing him up appreciably. He is
>also getting no bolus to cover his lunch, which is 50-60 carbs (it used to
>be less carbs but we are trying to avoid these afternoon lows). He has
>Physical Education after lunch and he generally is getting a 20 carb snack
>before PE. To avoid the afternoon (1-3 PM) lows we have even had to turn
>off the basals from 9AM to 2 PM!  He is getting no lunch dose and the pump
>is not delivering insulin from 9AM to 2 PM and he still goes low. Ruling
>out a problem with the pump, our endo wonders if our son is somehow dosing
>himself insulin during the day.  The 100 grams of carbs that he needs to
>get to a normal number used to raise his blood sugar level 700 points (1
>gram of carbohydates used to raise him 7 blood glucose points).

I presume this is only between 9am and 2pm that his needs have changed?  Do 
you have insertion sets that can be disconnected easily?  Have you tried 
disconnecting him from 11-2 and having him test at lunch, 2 and 4 to see 
where he is?  This test would determine whether the pump was at fault or 
his body was.  I can see it being an unwise test.  But for one day, it 
might be worth it.  As i mentioned above, Disetronic never figured out what 
was happening.  Just that each user had got their pump wet and suddenly 
they were getting insulin they didn't ask for.

>Also, are there any hormones that actually increase the efficiency of
>insulin and could explain not needing insulin for 5 hours?

I'm not aware of them.  I once thought i had this problem, but what i 
really had was expired test strips.  I did not have actual lows.  My 
situation was nothing like his is.

Good luck.  I will keep you in mind and send sunshine and good vibes to you 
and your son.  Please do let us know if you figure it all out.
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