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Re: [IP] Re: target bg levels

> <You can also regain your hypo awareness by raising your bg targets
> for 4 -6 weeks. This is what our endo had us do and it worked
> surprisingly well. Instead of targeting a range around 100, we
> raised the target to 150 and voila! hypo awareness returned.>
>  This raises an interesting question: I've noticed on this site that
>  a lot of
> people keep their A1C's very low - in the 5's or really low 6's.
> That's great for avoiding any complications caused by high blood
> sugars, but is contrary to what I've been told over the last 14
> years by both of my endos (both of whom are tops in their field -
> heads of diabetes departments at top university teaching hospitals,
> etc.). Both said that having an A1C that low runs too many risks of
> hypoglycemic incidents and longterm hypo unawareness,


depends on your level of control. Running 80 - 100 during the day if 
you don't have much physical activity (i.e. working at a desk job) 
and you diet is well controlled or well understood and allowing these 
levels to got to 100 - 150 at night will result in very good a1C's. 
However, this is difficult to achieve for a lot of people and 
impossible for kids and young adults.

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