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>  >>>And let me add to that Laura that with the IR-1200, programming a
>piece of cake is a piece of cake!  (Carb Calculator)       ;>)
>I'd also like to add that I've stopped two boluses using the Animas and it
>worked so quickly no insulin was given. Now for a question, did you get
>detailed information on the Carb Calculator
>George? Or....were you messing around with this new pump model? :)

I was "messing around with words", Margo,  though the Carb Calculator 
is something that can be used.  From what I've read you will be able 
to enter the carbs you are consuming at a particular meal and it will 
calculate the bolus from that.  Just like EZ Manager, if you are 
eating 30 carbs for breakfast it will give you one amount of insulin, 
but if it is lunch time it will tell you a different figure.

George    :>)
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