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RE [IP] Best Pump Ever? You People Just Don't Get It!!

I agree 100% on all counts -too bad it ain't 300 units :>.  People need to
lighten up some.  A little bit of satire isn't a bad thing people.

One more thing....can we drop this "pump wars" crap?  No one is maliciously
putting down one pump or another in a malicious manner;  I'm all for active
discussion of pumps, features and company support.  It's a big purchase
decision, and without valid comparisons pro and con....we we..we...we all
would be wearing Minimed pumps!!!  (Now that's funny :D).  Honestly, wehen I
joined the IP in 1999, there were alot of posters trying to sqelch the pump
wars that pitted the MM507C vs the Disetronic H-TronPlus V100 (the Real Best
Pump Ever!!!).  W/o those pump "wars", I night not have had enough 1st hand
opinions from pump wearers.  I'm all for talking about site rotation and carb
counting, but let's not forget about the pumps people!!!!!

Afterall it is the most important $5000 that we will spend....at least in the
next 4 years.


think you might be taking that, a littttttle too seriously ??
I cant speak, for the posters intentions
BUT, i (just me) simply took it as "Hey. i think this is something pretty
(and, imo, it is)
If my observation was wrong, let me know, i can take it..
(helps to know george a little, to, i think)

BTW.... i think i DO get it, most of the time, and i think a lot of folks
do too.

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