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[IP] 30-40 min after insulin

I was wondering if everyone takes their insulin right as they eat, or sometime
before...It seems that if i take insulin when i eat, 2 hours later, high bs..
but my endo told me to try taking insulin 30-45 min BEFORE i eat, so 2 hours
after meal, numbers should be better.. This seems to work, but it isn't always
easy.. Dining out means never knowing how long till the meal comes, and what
the portion size will look like.. I can do it at home, but even then it is
hard... You have to pre-plan EVERYTHING... ok, this morning i will have 2
waffles, 30 carbs...bolus for that, go take a shower, dry hair, get dressed,
ok, 30 min have passed, now i can eat!  (hoping an emergancy doesn't come up
and i can't eat at that moment) Just wondering if others do this too..thanks
for any thoughts!
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