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RE to Marsha WAS [IP] to len

>It must be difficult for you to live in such a sad and bitter world.  I send
>you sunshine and prayers.
i dont think so.... its been more fun, then you could ever imagine.... ive 
been at it for 52 years, with all but 5, being under the influence of 

im not exactly sure, what youre implying here,
however, if its my desire for free speech, and lack of censorship, then,
im made even sadder, by your feelings that to strive for those things, 
which way to many have died to preserve ,  could cause one to be "sad and 

"sad and bitter" ???... further from that, i could not be...i must honestly 
say, as politely as i can, that you've not a clue, who i am... .... But, 
non the less, I truly appreciate your heartfelt good wishes, and right back 
at ya'.

(i might have said this off list, but, the lack of censorship, is what 
allows you to voice your thoughts.....
it is more then my pleasure, to request we Not Be Censored, so that you can 
continue to exercises that freedom)
keep on truckin'
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