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[IP] Leg cramps

    Saw your post and just wanted to say that I also was given Quinine Sulfate
capsules to treat night leg cramps. However, as I recently find I also suffer
leg cramps after walking or even as I'm walking, my own Dr. was more concerned
and immediatedly had me go through a cuff test. Her nurse simply took my arm
blood pressure reading on each arm and then followed that by taking a pressure
reading on my lower leg for the same side. The difference between those
readings helps them get a better idea of possible clogged arteries to your
lower extremities, common in diabetics apparently. Restricted blood vessels to
your feet is the leading cause of amputations as any prescribed antibiotic
treatments cannot sufficiently reach the foot infections. Scary stuff, huh?
She also wrote an Rx for what looks like Pletal 100 g which she says may help
sqeeze the blood through tight openings, but no guarantees on it's real
effectiveness. Anyway, see your Dr. regarding those tests, it's really
important!     Rosemary
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