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Re: [IP] hypoglycemic unawareness

We have the G2 (2nd generation).. It detects bgs between 40-400mg/dL.
For lows, the watch should be set 10-20pts above the bg level you want
it to detect. This gives you time to evaluate and treat before the bg
gets too low.  

These are times the manual says you might get an alert:
1)	If your glucose readings are above or below the high or low bg
alert levels you've selected, you will get either the HIGH or LOW alert
2)	If your glucose readings are dropping and might drop below your
low alert level within the next 20mins, you will get a DOWN alert
3)	If the watch reads Low or Down(ward trend) within 30mins of
perspiration being detected (which is often a symptom of hypos), you
will get a PRSP/LOW alert
	4)   For any type of unexpected shut-off, you will get the OFF

The watch will alert you the first time it gets a low reading, then
every 20mins for as long as your bg stays below the low alert level
you've set. It will also alert you the first time you get a DOWN
reading, then every 20mins, for as long as your levels continue to drop.
If you select ALL in the alert options, it will beep more and more
persistently with out of range bgs (it typically beeps every 10mins for
a new reading under the ALL option). 

We've been using it since the end of May and have found it to be very
useful for the purposes we got it for (basal testing, trending, and
occasionally hypo detection - if it is suspected.) Very happy with it!

Take care, Kerri - IP Parents-of-Pumpers chat host and mom of Shannon
(email @ redacted 11/96, pumping email @ redacted 11/99, pumping email @ redacted 8/03 and loving
it!), and her 7 siblings  :-)
"I count carbs, not sheep!"
Scott said:
I'm sorry to hear about your accident.  Just a few comments.  I'm not
sure the
Glucowatch would be a great choice because it has been well-documented
that it
does not handle low BG readings as accurately as it does high BG
readings, and
its a bit expensive if it cannot be relied upon.  I'm also not aware of
alarms that can be set with 3 successively lower readings, but perhaps
newest version finally has that feature -- if not, the manufacturer
think about adding it.
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