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[IP] i get it, Do You ??

i must state, that im  offended at a policy, that i feel, reeks 
of  censorship..
of course, certain material, should always be excluded, and ignorance, such 
as some, i myself have displayed, should not be tolerated.
HowEver , a subject appeared....i  was not inflamed....there were something 
like 15 replies to it.
some folks may have been inflamed, and to those, surely make your thought 
known as thats part of what this group is (so i think).
it was not, again imo, offensive in nature, and i fell, was not meant to 
inflame,. in reviewing the thread,
some interesting things were raised....

there were 1 or 2 complaints about it, (one, with an accusation, i , in 
fact,  found quite offensive)
and, i now see it stated, that is now, a "taboo" subject...which will cause 
a post, to be removed.....

is this policy of implied censorship, an official statement from ip ?
I'd like to think that everyone, is entitled to there own thoughts, but 
censorship, removes that choice.
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