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Subject: Re: [IP] Hospitalized Again - someone help with advice please

  Amy I Assume I can call you by your familiar name: I asume you are Watching
veronica's oral intake. She is eight years old  so she can test her own
ketones with a Ketostik which because of the currerent lo carb diet fad are
available in most pharmacies.  A Much more sensitive method of testing is by
meter. the precision extra meter can test for Glucose and Ketones.
  If Veronica had Ketones  with high blood sugars this is not a good thing As
Martha Stewart might say.
  I would have some gatortaid on hand and give her a large pitcher of water to
drink. For each pitcher of water, have her drink 12 oz of gatoraide. This can
induce more nausea in Philadelphia where the simple act of refrigerating water
removes most of the Schulykill river taste. also measure her urine output by
having her pee into a measuring cup you can attach to a standard toilet. Also
give enough insulin to reduce the blood glucose. Hospitalization is only
needed when there is acidosis which she would have to visit the Er and
probably would require admission. also always look out for a hidden causefor
the ketosis and high sugars, stress, infection, in kids, infections like
measles mumps or chicken pox even before the rash appears.If the ketones dont
disappear after a reasonable amount of of water and insulin then you should go
to the er. she needs the potassium in the gatoraid. discuss this with her
endo. , spot.
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