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Re: [IP] hypoglycemic unawareness

I wondered why this wasn't mentioned more often.
I check Bv when I am ready to leave the house.  If below 100, I consider 
time from when I ate,  & what I ate.  Then have a nibble of something, 
or a drink of 1/2 C or 1 c of milk or juice.
Being in & out of car some days, I test alot!.  I too have my favorite 
stopping places, like 7-11 or RaceTrac parking lots!  If a cop is behind 
me, I eat a glucose tab or more as I know I would drop fast if stopped, 
even for license & ins check.  I don't have DM on license as when I 
renewed license, questionnaire asked if I were prone to seisures, not if 
I had diabetes, I am not.  Linda K

>> Before driving bg's greater than 100 (range 100 - 150)
>> check every half hour while driving to keep them in range. 
>> I find it sometimes useful to test twice, 15-30 minutes apart, before 
>> driving,  All right, this sounds too obsessive-compulsive to you, 
>> right? <gr.>  
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