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Re: [IP] Need more advice before Friday please!! (was Re: Eyes and lasers)

 My left eye was bleeding and took about a week before the Dr could work, I had
6 in the left and 6 in the night. night vision loss was about 25%. My second Dr
was an arist, he did things indirectly not causing any loss in vision. I think
if I had him there would have been no loss but I feared total loss. You may have
refs but if not get some.
Best to You

Julie Murphy <email @ redacted> wrote:
I was never told that I would lose some of my peripheral and night vision!
They never even mentioned that it was a risk! I did notice a couple tiny
leaks when they showed me the picture of the dye stude, but when he suggested
the laser he never said there were any risks. Just automatically asked if I
wanted to do the laser that afternoon. I'm glad I waited! So how do I know
my eyes are bad enough to warrant getting lasers done and losing some of my
vision? Should I put it off and seek another opinion? I was just thinking
this had to be done and why not if it will stop the problems right? Driving
at night already terrifies me, I don't need to lose my night vision unless
it's really necessary! But if I wait, that isn't good either, right? So what
would you do?

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From: Laura Shapiro
To: email @ redacted
Sent: Sunday, November 09, 2003 11:52 PM
Subject: Eyes and lasers

Julie: I saw Saras post to you and have to say, it sounds like both of you
have been through more drastic measures than some. I have had a few bad
bleeds in one eye. They chose to do 260 lasers the first time, and then the
next time it was about 160. All that required was a lot of drops in the eye
to numb it and dilate it really huge (stayed that way over 24 hours). There
was not what you would call pain, and it wasn't unbearable but more tiring
than anything. 500 is a bit more, but the drastic pan retinal would be more
like 2000 blasts, and you are not even having that done.

It would pay to ask if they can simply numb it with the drops. Your eyes
don't have nerve endings to speak of, and the drops work for most people.

I can relate to the dreaded dye photos, as they made me really sick. I told
my new eye surgeon I didn't handle it well, and she sent me for a new kind of
photography that was dyeless, and painless. It went really well. She was the
first "retinal specialist" I have seen, and she was great. She said, as did
my former doctor, they do not like to do laser on eyes unless is is necessary.
Laser has side effects, including reduced side vision and night vision. What
they used to do in the old days was laser the heck out of the eye to prevent
problems, now they do more conservative. It sounds like 500 is not
unreasonable, just make sure you need it and why you need it and ask about the
numbing drops.

I did have a new eye dr in February who wanted to do 2000, and swore my eye
was in terrible shape and bleeding very badly. I can see when they bleed, and
I knew it was not in bad shape. Two other opinions confirmed that this guy
was just trying to take my money or to take preventative measures so I
wouldn't blame him for future problems. Having messaged with Sara and others
about this, there are those who have been dealing with doctors who want to do
laser only as a prevention, and I just don't think it is wise. You do have
those lingering effects, and like both my doctors said, once it is done it
cannot be undone.

So, make sure you need the 500, and ask if you can go with the numbing
drops. I would imagine you can probably sit comfortably through 500, but
probaby not too many more. With me, I only felt maybe every fifth zap out of
all 200. The dye thing was far far more scary and far more dreadful that the
laser. The laser really isnt something to be afraid of, but do ask questions
and be informed!
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