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[IP] Replacing pump out of Warranty

I have just replaced my MM507c with a Deltec Cozmos. The process was easy, I
got with my Endo & Trainer, They contacted my provider United Health &
CHAMPUS, and my DME provider Keymed with the Dr sent off all paperwork and
was approved with no problem. My 507c went out of warranty 10/27/03 and got
the new pump 11/11/03. I am very impressed with Deltec at this point. There
should be no problem provided the old pump is out of warranty. The cost of
paying for continuing the warranty over 4 years is greater than a new pump.

I like the fact that the new pump is intuitive and runs on common AAA
batteries. I personally had no problems with my MM507c until the end of
9/2003 when it would not retain settings when batteries were changed, MM
replaced it with no problem.  My Endo will no longer prescribe Medtronic
pumps due to their failure rates.

Subject: [IP] looking to dump minimed

  I've been on the pump for 3 years(MM508). Happy with MInimed until
Medtronics took over. Since then, the customer service has been
  going down the toilet. I, also, have gotten bills going back to 2001 with
no explanation.I would like to upgrade at the end of 4 years to Animas. My
insurance has been covering most of my costs.I'm told that I am entitled to
a new pump once the warranty expires.
  Can anyone who changed their pump after 4 years tell me what procedure I
have to follow with the insurance company?

Thanks.  Brian

Vernon Catron MBA/TM
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