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Re:[IP] hypoglycemic unawareness

On Wednesday, November 12, 2003,Michael wrote:

> Before driving bg's greater than 100 (range 100 - 150)
> check every half hour while driving to keep them in range.

I find it sometimes useful to test twice, 15-30 minutes apart, before 
driving, at times that it seems possible my bg may actually be going 
down.  If I had a test of 150 mg/dl 30 minutes before driving, and then 
a test of 100 mg/dl when I was ready to get in the car, I would start 
sucking on a couple lifesavers as I got in the car, even though I knew 
I might have to bolus for them by the end of the trip. (I spent many 
years routinely sucking a lifesaver while driving, back before home 
monitoring). Because I would know I had been falling at a pretty fast 
rate, and wouldn't ever be able to predict for sure how far that dip 
might continue, and keeping my bg up while driving takes precedence for 
me.  If my bg was falling at a slower rate (say 120 to 100 in 30 
minutes), or a fast rate but at a higher level, I would try to evaluate 
my unused insulin, etc. (anything that might be lowering my bg).

All right, this sounds too obsessive-compulsive to you, right? <gr.>  
Certainly too time consuming.  Well, I, of course, don't always have 
the time, either -- but there is a parking lot that I pass on most of 
my driving trips, that I have sat in so many times to test my bg, that 
going by it always reminds me to think about it, and, being such a 
convenient place to pull over, I often take the second reading there 
<gr.>.   And, I'm ashamed to admit, very occasionally the first reading 
-- not good, but certainly better late than never.  I usually still 
pull into the parking lot, even though if the traffic light is just 
turning red I clearly have plenty of time to test on my Ultra, because 
I want to keep the strong association to keep reminding me.

Linda Z
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