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>Dear George,
 > Sorry to disagree with you but the Animas IR1200 is not going to be the best
>pump ever. First of all, it will only hold a total of 200 units of insulin.

hehehe lol, it is your right to disagree and my right to disagree 
with your disagreement.   ;>)    Granted that the smaller cartridge 
volume is not for everyone and I certainly would not suggest that for 
everyone. And I don't see Animas as the type of company that WILL go 
out and push this as everyone's Best Pump.  The rep I have is a 
pumper himself and he wouldn't sell this to a high volume use Type 2. 
BUT there are people that are sensitive to insulin and do NOT need as 
much as 300 units for SIX days worth of pumping.   So for them this 

>About 2 days maybe more maybe less for me that is unacceptable to 
>me. Why didn't
>animas pay attention to minimed's cut down in reservoir size. IMHO greed. They
>have an agreement to upgrade everyone on the I1000 or IR1000 series whenever
>they put out a new pump if your pump breaks. Well guess what.....they changed
>the line. Doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that plain old greed in my

Greed?   If you buy an IR-1000 between Nov 1 and Dec 31 you can 
notify Animas that you want to Upgrade and it is FREE.   Is that 
Greed?   If so, that is a Real Paradox!

>I am currently trying to figure out which pump I will be going with when
>my 508 runs out of warranty and after watching all the crud you have to go
>through to do a simple bolus would never go with the IR1000 series. 
>Also I like
>the ability to stop a bolus fast. I could not stop a bolus on the animas that
>fast. I was able to stop both the 512 and Cozmo within seconds of starting the
>bolus. Sorry. You may state your beliefs, but I am gonna state mine. The only
>Best pump ever will be one which doesn't require blood testing.
>   Wendy

Wendy, I started a bolus and stopped it before it even started.   I 
started another bolus and started stopping it after delivery had 
actually started.  I only received 0.2 units.  I think I could have 
stopped it faster, but haven't had my morning coffee.  I don't think 
you have given the IR-1000 a fair trial.  The only thing necessary to 
stop a bolus is to press a key and then confirm that you are 
cancelling the bolus when it asks.   It is not still delivering when 
it asks, it has already been cancelled, it is only telling you that 
it has been cancelled.

Disagreement again.  The best pump will be internal, will be a closed 
loop system, will not require batteries or refilling or 
anti-rejection therapy.  The BEST pump will be a Cure.  Until then, 
if you are insulin sensitive, the BEST pump is an Animas IR-12000 

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