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[IP] Ketones/Vomiting with normal bgs

    Hopefully, I'm doing this correctly (first time on digest)- responding to 
the thread about needing hospitalization for ketones with normal or even low 
bgs during illness.
    I learned this lesson via several parents. Their children had been 
 vomiting, but bgs were fine so they never even thought to check ketones. Within
minutes one dad told me his daughter's whole appearance changed so drastically 
that they rushed her to the ER. As Michael already explained, the vomiting 
leads to dehydration which led to imbalances in electrolytes & other critical 
 body components. Not only did the child need an IV, but from what I understood,
the nurses had to keep readjusting the IV contents to normalize her levels. So 
now when I write my monthly Diabetes UPdates, the January issue always starts 
off with that reminder: VOMITING is a MAJOR red flag with diabetes. Some 
 parents whose children are prone to this keep Phenergan suppositories on hand
halt the repetitive vomiting. MANY MANY of us had no idea about this, because 
we'd been "programmed" to think "check for ketones only if bgs are high". When 
Melissa left for college, I stressed repeatedly that vomiting is NOT a time to 
play "I'm mature & don't need help". Not every episode of vomiting equals 
 immediate hospitalization, but it should signal "check ketones" - especially if
continues & the child/adult is unable to swallow sips of liquids without 
Renee (pump mom to Melissa-almost 21/ dx'd 9/16/92/dx'd celiac 10/9/03)
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