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No Subject

 I have to say, you must have never heard of Cozmo or the still catching up 512
/ (big brother) 712pumps from MiniMed. Lets be a little honest here, the Animas
IR 1200 is merely the latest Johnny Come Lately in the new generation of insulin
pumps that Deltec drug the entire market into with the Cozmo. Seems to me that
Cozmo woke up the sleepy giant of MiniMed with a sharp kick in the shins. There
is nothing new with the IR1200, except the .0.25 which is iffy at best. Cozmo is
clearly the technology leader and with its commitment to the free software
upgrade I dont see how one could go wrong. While the 512 / 712 tried to catch
up with Cozmo they seem to have fallen short in several areas, I got to demo a
Cozmo and adding custom text to pre-program meals and temp rate is very helpful.
And lets define Full Feature Pump only 200 units could not fall in that
definition. And do you not love the way Animas will not tell you what kind of
battery, they only say it takes one !
  A little disclaimer, I am currently wearing a D-tron but hope to upgrade soon,
I have been pumping for over 12 years and have tried them all.

Nice try George but clearly not the The Beat Pump Ever J


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