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[IP] Re:Hospitalized again

Re:  The hospitalization for vomiting.  jFirst of all, you did the right 
thing by contacting the doctor and taking Haley in to see him.

My son Dan got a bad case of the stomach flu about a year after he was 
 diagnosed, before he went on the pump. He started vomiting in the middle of the
 night, could keep nothing down, not even a sip of water, an ice chip or syrup
cola.  We talked to his nurse every couple of hours, and finally at 6:00 am I 
told her I wanted to take him to the ER--it seemed  to me that he was getting 
dehydrated.  He had slight ketones at this point.  

He spent a couple of hours in the ER with an IV, did not improve and was 
 admitted. After several more hours he looked and felt much better, although
kept him overnight.  The next day I asked our endo and nurse, who had both 
 stopped by his room at the same time, what we could have done better in order
have avoided the hospitalization.  The endo said, "Nothing.  If the vomiting 
is so bad that the child can't keep anything down, and it lasts for several 
hours, the child needs to be put on an IV."  

As someone else pointed out, if the child is dehydrated, he can have ketones 
without necessarily having a high number.  

Dan has not had a vomiting virus since then (It was a year and a half 
 ago)(knock on wood). When he gets one again, hopefully it won't be as severe.
And I
think being on the pump will make it easier (One thing I worried about was 
his having a lot of NPH in his system and not being able to take any carbs).  
Next time, once again, I will try to get him to take some juice or sweetened 
fluids by mouth and keep checking both his bg and his ketones.  The nurse also 
told me that sometimes kids who are vomiting can tolerate a lollipop or the 
syrup of cola, though last time neither worked.  And if he can't seem to keep 
 anything down, I'll call the nurse or the endo again, ask about adjustments to
basal settings, ask what else I should do, and go to the ER if I need to.  
Sometimes that is all you can do.  


a message dated 11/11/2003 5:50:15 PM Central Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:
Hi All, 

I am troubled by something that has happened for the second time since 
 Haley's diagnosis: She was hospitalized for a vomiting virus this past weekend.
developed a fever of 103 and was vomiting. Her BG levels were in the mid 100's 
so I didn't worry. I called her Dr. and she wanted to see Haley asap. She was 
vomiting in the Doc's office and still had a high fever. The doc did a blood 
test and told me her ketones were extra large and they were concerned about 
She then told me that Haley needed to be admitted to the hospital right away. 

I'm wondering if this has happened to anyone else? 

Does anyone think that her Dr. may have overracted by admitting her? 
How do you all manage things when your D-kids get vomiting viruses? 
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