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Re: [IP] Hospitalized Again - someone help with advice please

I think the concern was actually acidosis (vs DKA), which you can get
(due to the repeated vomiting and ketones) with low/normal bgs. But, it
is not DKA, which has a specific set of diagnostic criteria (high bgs
being one of them). Aside from that, the ketones themselves can make you
vomit like there is no tomorrow (they make the blood acidic and the pH
gets thrown off), so their presence probably compounded whatever was
causing the fever.

The dr was probably just being cautious, probably because of the
repeated vomiting. Acidosis of any type (there are 4 kinds) can be
life-threatening. If Shannon couldn't keep anything down I would take
her to the ER.whether or not to have her admitted, it would just depend
on how well she responded to the fluids etc. She typically bounces back
after a few hours of treatment at home so we haven't had an ER
experience yet. 

Take care, Kerri - IP Parents-of-Pumpers chat host and mom of Shannon
(email @ redacted 11/96, pumping email @ redacted 11/99, pumping email @ redacted 8/03 and loving
it!), and her 7 siblings  :-)
"I count carbs, not sheep!"
 Denise said:
I am troubled by something that has happened for the second time since
diagnosis: She was hospitalized for a vomiting virus this past weekend.
developed a fever of 103 and was vomiting. Her BG levels were in the mid
so I didn't worry. I called her Dr. and she wanted to see Haley asap.
She was
vomiting in the Doc's office and still had a high fever. The doc did a
test and told me her ketones were extra large and they were concerned
about DKA.
She then told me that Haley needed to be admitted to the hospital right
Aside from crying and then scrambling to find a place for Haley's twin
sister to
stay immediately, I couldn't figure out how all this happened.

I'm wondering if this has happened to anyone else? 

Does anyone think that her Dr. may have overracted by admitting her? 

How do you all manage things when your D-kids get vomiting viruses? 

This was such an awful experience for my daughters and me. 
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