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[IP] vomiting virus

Denise wrote:
>She was hospitalized for a vomiting virus this past weekend
> She developed a fever of 103/vomiting/BG levels were in the mid 
> 100'sso I didn't worry. 

I was diagnosed at age 10 in 1974...that year, and the next few I had what my 
mom called the 24 hour virus NUMEROUS times...vomiting all night, fever...and 
then the next day or so, I would be fine.  Back THEn we had no blood sugar 
 testing equipment, and since I was lax as it was when it came to urine testing,
it never occurred to her, or me that this may have been DKA...the next day I 
would be fine....usually by lunch time, a couple hours after my shot.  I am 
guessing, for ME, some of that 24 hour virus MAY have been high blood sugar 
 related. I do, however, remember at least two times being taken to the ER to
this horrible vomit stopping shot, cuz I could not stop throwing up, dry 
 heaving my intestines out through my nose, ya know? I am CONFIDENT mom told
them I
had diabetes and even back then in the dark ages i am sure they would have 
told her if my bg was super high...but she does not remember them EVER saying 
anything like that...so maybe it WAS just some kind of vomit virus

Now, in Haley's case...since her bg were normal, yet she was vominting, I can 
see why the doctor might be concerned with starvation ketosis, but NOT DKA - 
they are two different things.  Starvation ketosis is basically what happens 
 when you go on a carb free diet, or simply starve yourself. Your brain DEMANDS
SUGAR and if you don't give it to the body in the form of glucose, or if as 
in haley's case, you keep throwing it up before it can get in your blood 
 stream, your body will break down other body parts to get the energy it
inefficient energy burn has a byproduct called ketones...they are flushed out 
of the body in the urine and in the breath, but even non diabetics can get 
 it. It is NOT DKA....blood sugars can be completely normal, but the ketons are
there showing that the body is not getting PROPER nutrition.

Personally, I think the doctor over reacted by admitting her....sipping some 
7 up or ginger ale would be sufficient to get some carbs in her and get her 
out of the starvation ketosis mode and drinking lots of water would help flush 
 the ketones out. Maybe a sports drnk with sugar, like gatorade would have been
good...Since her blood sugars were ok...she could have taken the 7up or even 
real jello..anything she could tolerate...bolus VERy conservatively for it and 
monitor the blood sugars.  But then dealing with a kid...who knows...next 
time you know what to do and you can save the bucks for something else

I hope everything turns out ok.....
Sara SP
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