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RE: [IP] hypoglycemic unawareness

If it's any consolation, I believe you did everything you were
'supposed' to do.  In the book I just read, Optimal Pumping, it advises
to check BG before driving and not drive if it's below 100.  (Your 98 is
close enough to be considered 100.)  It also says to check BG every 2
hours on longer trips.  I'm sorry I can't offer more advice but I just
wanted you to know that you're doing everything correctly.

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Sorry but I have to ventilate.  People around me say they know how I
feel but 
diabetics are the only ones who know how I feel.  I had an accident and
hypoglycemic when the EMT got there.  It was scary I could not remember 
 anything except passing interstate 255 I was almost 20 miles south and
in a
ditch in
a town I had never been in before.  Apparently according to witnesses I
 my right front tire, drove another 5-6 blocks without slowing down and
ran into
a ditch.  This was told to me by the state police in the ER.  I don't 
 remember any of it. Thank God no one else was involved. Now people keep
they will take my license away.  That would be a tragedy for me as IM
and public transportation is almost nil.
I normally check my B>S> prior to driving and I had checked it within
 last two hr. the last reading being 98. The EMT got 40 and I had a
in my hand.  Its been almost a week and I still don't want to drive much
IM eating everytime I turn the engine on but I know this is not the
Help Please.  IM thinking about a gluco watch  what do you think?  Any 
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