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Re: [IP] Diabetes in ER

I gather, and I'm no expert, just a mom in tennis shoes, that DKA almost 
vanished with the longer acting insulins.  That is one of the problems with 
the pump.  You only use short acting insulins.  I tested ketones for years 
and never had any, because, I guess, my husband always had enough 
slow-acting in his system.  Then, we went on the pump.  Before a couple of 
weeks were up, bang, my husband who had never showed a ketone on a urine 
stick in 20 years, showed large ketones.  This Christmas, nearly a year 
after going on the pump, he developed a bone infection, his bg went nuts!  
He had ketones!  He was so weak he couldn't get to the toilet to vomit!   I 
bolussed and bolussed and finally resorted to an injection after I couldn't 
get to his bgs down!  I didn't call an ambulance, but I came that close to 
calling one.

His bone infection, touch wood, is now cured, I hope.  At least, 500 mg of 
cipro-filoxcin 2/da has kept it at bay for 3 mo.  If he goes another couple 
of weeks without high bg, without anti-biotics and without an abscess 
forming, I guess his bone infection, if that's what he has/had is gone!


DKA, impending DKA is nothing to kid around about, I gather.  Our CDE had 
been a ER nurse before there was long-acting insulin.  The possibility of 
DKA was one reason she was against pumps.  Be very alert to high blood 
sugars and to whether or not you are getting adequate insulin delivery.  You 
could be in deep do-do very quickly.


>>I did not see any inherent "inaccuracies" either as some have claimed. My 
> >now, and my parents before, when I was young, could tell when I was high
> >because I was acting "funny".
>  In my over 20 years with diabetes, being high...even into the 400's...has 
>resulted in me acting "funny". Nor have I ever heard of this as a symptom. 
>closest to this would be that if I'm high for a while, I start to feel 
>or depressed.


What?  How funny have you not acted.  My husband was over 30 when he went 
diabetic.  He was no kid!  Once, for some idiotic reason, when he was on 
needles and insulin and couldn't use a finger-stick glucose meter, he ate a 
piece of birthday cake.  He came home and started to take some ashes out 
from the fireplace.  I said something.  Who knows what?  Nothing.  He threw 
the hot ashes at me!  Not all of them and they just hit the kitchen floor, 
but I think his over-blown reaction shocked us both.  There have been many 
other less serious incidents, but . . . That's why he's on the pump and why 
we monitor his bg constantly. His "mood swings" were impossible to tolerate. 
  He's a much nicer guy on the pump.

High bg has been linked with activity in the frontal lobe, has it not?  That 
is where the anger comes from, does it not?

There are a lot of guys in prison because they acted out with high or low 
blood sugar.  My husband's endo and a lot of others think high bgs aren't a 
problem.  I beg to differ.  I don't know how many times an hour after a meal 
my husband had a temper tantrum.  Don't tell me he was low!


Or, how about the fact that in UNDER 2 hours, he
>went from eating some ice cream to DKA with fruity breath and acting 
>I've been a diabetic for years and never ONCE been DKA, even with BGLs 
>into the 400's.

Read my comments on DKA and ketones on the pump.

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