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Re: [IP] Hospitalized Again - someone help with advice please

>  I have never heard of DKA when your sugar is in the 100"s. Did they
>  say what
> her BG was? That is crazy. I have had diabetes for 33 years and I
> have never heard of spilling large ketones unless your BG is very
> high for a more than a day.

The keyton production in question is not a function of BG's but 
rather one of starvation. When you are ill, vomiting, not eating, 
your body is basically consuming itself to stay alive. The conversion 
of tissue to carbs is what produces the keytones. This is not really 
a problem except that it is accompanied with fluid loss which IS a 
problem as it brings on dehydration. ANY excersion of bg's above 
normal under such conditions becomes dangerous. The three things in 

1) dehydration
2) keytones
3) high bg's 

are what is necessary to bring about DKA. That's why it is so 
important to stay hydrated, and to seek medical attention when these 
things begin to get out of control. 

We (the diabetes community) normally associate DKA with high bg's 
because under this condition the kidneys will attempt to flush out 
the excess glucose. This will obviously cause dehydration and the 
accompanying lack of insulin will cause keytone production as the 
body (again) consumes itself to survive in the short term. There are 
lots of other scenarios where dehydration can occur as in the example 
above -- these are more dangerous for people with diabetes because IF 
bg's happen to get out of control at the same time, bad things 

This is also a powerful argument for GETTING YOUR FLU SHOT 'cause you 
don't want yet another unexpected surprise that can push you into 
toward DKA because you are ill.


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